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Transboundary water governance

Transboundary water governance


We bring people together – to build a common ground for win-win benefits.

What does that mean? The Nile connects us all – we depend on it to sustain our lives, economies and environments. NBI provides the only basin-wide platform for countries to deliberate on how to cooperatively plan, manage and develop the Nile to benefit current and future generations.

Action Areas

New Aswan Bridge over the river Nile Egypt

Strengthening Policy Frameworks

Most NBI Member States tend to retain a strongly national character when developing their water policies, rather than a coordinated regional outlook. It is important, therefore, to strengthen the transboundary dimension of national water policies in order to avoid fragmented and management decisions, as well as the problem of under-developed national policy frameworks for planned water resources management and development activities.
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Nile River Basin Investment Plan

The Nile region is well endowed with energy resources that include natural gas, oil, hydropower potential, geothermal energy, coal, peat, biomass, solar and wind. Despite the richness in energy sources, electricity supply in many Nile countries is inadequate, unreliable and expensive.
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ENTRO Interns2

ENTRO Internship Programme

In complex basins such as the Nile, where historical perceptions, culture and politics often overshadow facts on the ground, technical understanding and solutions to transboundary river-related development issues need to be devised.
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Media Engagement

Engaging the media, keeping them informed through robust communication and participation has been given due emphasis as one of the building blocks of the Nile Basin Initiative.
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