• Relevance to the Forum theme and sub-themes, and transboundary water management in general
  • Significance/importance of the work to advancing Nile cooperation
  • Soundness/correctness of statistics and data; plausibility of claims and assertions.
  • Originality of the work – is not reproduction of other work; has not been presented in previous NBDF events
  • Quality of structure/presentation – is clearly written; has logical structure and flow – has a statement of the problem, methods, findings, discussion of findings and results.
  • Applicability – work is not abstract or theoretical but is practical and can be applied in advancing the Nile agenda.
  • Geographical focus: covers the Nile Basin, the Nile countries, or other parts of the world but with direct relevance to the Nile Basin

Other considerations that will be made in abstract selection: gender balance, and country balance.