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Head of Corporate Services ( Readvertized)

Department Division/Unit: Corporate Services         

Location: NBI Secrétariat-Entebbe, Uganda

Reports To: Executive Director

Job Group: Regional                          

Career Family: Finance

Direct Reports: the following positions report directly to the Head of Corporate Services:

  • Finance Officer
  • Administration & Human Resources Officer
  • ICT Officer

Job Purpose/Role

To provide the secretariat and operational programs with modern and highly efficient financial resources management services, oversee ICT, Communication, legal, administrative and logistical support and devise modern resource mobilization mechanisms to ensure financial sustainability of the institution. Specifically, Provide leadership and strategic forward-looking of both financial management and administrative approaches to the Basin, strengthen and manage the corporate services to achieve integrated strategic planning and management, -, monitoring and evaluation and performance reporting supported by a suite of corporate services, policies and procedures.

In addition, the position provides sound management and constructive leadership to the delivery of full range of high-quality, responsive corporate services for Nile-SEC including strategic human resource management, procurement services, and office administration, outsourced corporate legal services, as well as obtaining and managing appropriate financing and the business of the institutions to enable the Basin to grow and effectively carry out its mandate.

Key Responsibilities

  • Strategic Financial planning, allocation and execution of the plan while exercising financial controls
  • Offer investment and financial decisions options beneficial to development and growth of NBI
  • Prepare regular internal and external reports on NBI operations in general and specifically progress in implementation of the NBI Financing Strategy; human resources potential optimization , assets management, audit and resource mobilization efforts
  • Provide sound Financial Management Service and reporting to Management, Governance and Development Partners.
  • Offer Human Resources management services to Nile-SEC
  • Provide logistical support to Nile-SEC programmes and stakeholders
  • Oversee the ICT function to Nile-SEC and Stakeholders
  • Identify, prevent and mitigate against risk so as to minimize negative impact on Nile-SEC
  • Coordinate provision of legal services to Nile-SEC
  • Provide procurement support to all program implementation as per NBI and respective procurement rules
  1. Nile-SEC Financial Sustainability
  • Implement and monitor progress in implementation of NBI Financing Strategy
  • Provide support to Resource Mobilization Activities
  • Ensure Compliance with set policies, rules, regulations and procedures
  • Participate and actively contribute in SMT meetings where policy issues are discussed
  • Assess and manage risks, and build financial reserves
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with staff, NBI member states/governance and donors
  • Explore and obtain range of types of funding opportunities to mobilize resources for Nile-SEC
  • Work closely with relevant senior staff of ENTRO and NELSAP-CU in resource mobilization for NBI
  1. Financial Management & Reporting
  • Oversee all aspects of financial resources management, and ensure reliability and integrity of financial management information, systems and reports
  • Ensure that overall systems and routines are in place to secure accurate and timely processing of financial information, (including manuals, detailed work instructions, as well as NBIs accounting software). Ensures that NBI’s internal control system is properly functioning. 

  • Provide effective monitoring and analysis of the Secretariat overall financial transactions, through certification of availability of funds for all projects and programs and administrative expenditures. 

  • Ensure treasury management in accordance with NBI and development partners’ requirements.
  • Administer grants made by development partners to the NBI Secretariat, including adequate cash flow, reporting and compliance with donor requirements. 

  • Provide adequate financial analysis and controls of projects and programs activities to the Divisions and the programs. 

  • Prepare the Operating Expense Budget approval, oversees and controls the implementation of the same. 

  • Hold budget responsibility for all administrative projects related to personnel and administration. 

  • Initiate and supervise the annual audit of NBI accounts by an independent auditor. Ensures that adequate measures are taking to respond to the auditor’s management letter. Coordinates all other external audits. 

  • Oversee production of Statutory Annual Financial Statements (Accounts)
  • Oversee consolidation of NBI Accounts (for Annual Performance Report)
  • Report on areas of jurisdiction to Management , Governance and Donor and offer Financial Advisories to the Executive Director;
  • Take a lead role in development of the NBI financial management roadmap and lead its implementation in both short and longer term aspects
  • Lead a team of financial management services staff providing first class financial management, fund management, accounting and financial reporting services to NBI in an accurate, timely and customer –focused manner;
  • Contribute to the development of resource mobilisation strategies associated with the development investment. Liaise with ministries of finance and other relevant bodies as required;
  1. Strategic Planning and Management
  • Provide economic expertise to NBI strategic planning and management for improved organizational development and growth
  • Provide leadership to the finance and administration team of the NBI secretariat for the achievement of first class Financial Management Services, Fiduciary controls, Human resources services, procurement services and Office Administration;
  • Participate in and contribute to the senior management team and take a proactive role in, promoting organisational effectiveness within NBI through sound project planning, budgeting, program management and team building;
  • Take the lead role in preparing annual budgets and reporting linked to overall NBI planning and budgeting, together with preparation and regular review of the NBI business plan and ensure that these are appropriately approved;
  • Develop and implement continuous improvement projects in the already established areas of financial management, procurement and office administration; and participate in developing and maintaining an approved delegation system for NBI operations;
  • Supervise internal and external audit programs and take responsibility for financial statements
  • Initiate planning and budgeting through communication. Participate in and contribute to the senior management team and take a proactive role in promoting organisational effectiveness within Nile-SEC through sound project planning, budgeting, program;
  • As part of the institutional strengthening project take leadership in the development of an NBI strategy for achieving self-sufficiency in relation to core costs within an acceptable timeframe;
  • Develop and document operational policies and procedures for financial management, human resource management, financial management, asset management, budgeting and reporting among others
  1. Human Resources Management
  • Strategic human resource planning and management to achieve set organizational goals and objectives
  • Ensure that staff development programs tailored to corporate needs are in place
  • Using expert advice as appropriate, develop and implement approved human resources strategies policies, and procedures for the whole of NBI that guide all Nile centres in developing and applying their localised procedures, resulting in the provision of quality staffing across NBI in a fair and open manner whilst remaining efficient and effective;
  • In consultation with key stakeholders, develop policies and implement constructive social strategies across NBI, including gender mainstreaming, equal opportunities safety to COVID 19 pandemic and HIV-AIDS related strategies;
  • Provide sensitive technical guidance to the delivery of regular, high quality personnel services for NBI including payroll, appointments and terminations, leave administration, advisory and associated services.
  1. Administration and Operation
  • Responsible for the smooth running of all administrative functions of the Secretariat including registry, fleet management, travel, etc., in accordance with international standards and NBI rules and procedures. 

  • Outsourced corporate legal services to provide high-quality, timely advice on among other things, contracts management (procurement and construction), human resource management (in-house and consultants) and legal aspects of all NBI institutional arrangements including achievement of legal personality in each country;
  • Ensures sound systems to inventories, maintain and control Assets like office equipment, building and machinery
  • Responsible for the management of the NBI’s premises, Stores, security)
  • Process VAT Returns (Uganda Government)
  • Support monitoring, evaluation and reporting in NBI
  1. ICT Services
  • Participates in the development and maintenance of NBI’s ICT management information system comprising financial, administrative and program Information needed for the overall management of the Secretariat.
  • Drives the development of administrative ICT facilities including virtual meetings, video-conferencing, website development, management and update,   and a document management system in order to meet the Secretariat’s continuously evolving need and ensuring user support
  • Oversees the adequacy of NBI Secretariat’s Local Area Network (LAN), and the Secretariat’s computer hardware.
  • Oversees maintenance and updates of NBI’s Secretariat’s standard software applications, including effective computer virus and spam protection.
  • Ensures Maintenance and continuously develops the Secretariat’s E-mail and internet communication system, including the Secretariat’s intranet.
  1. Legal Services

Mobilize and provide outsourced corporate legal services to provide high-quality, timely advice on among other things, personnel management (in-house and consultants) and legal aspects of all Nile-Sec institutional arrangements;

  1. Job Specification: Academic/Professional Qualification and Experience
  • Master’s Degree in Finance or financial Management, accounting, business management and administration and or other related field. 

  • Professional certifications or qualification e.g. CFA, CPA, CISA, CIA
  • Membership to a professional body such as ACFE, CPA or ACCA is a must.
  1. Minimum Experience Required

Ten (10) years relevant experience in Finance and Administration of which at least five (5) years in a similar position in a comparable organization.

  1. Minimum Experience Required

Ten (10) years relevant experience in Finance and Administration of which at least five (5) years in a similar position in a comparable organization.

  1. Skills Required
  • Experience in an international organization would be an asset. 

  • Proven track record in financial management, organizational development, human resource management, procurement and administration. 

  • Achievement oriented, with excellent leadership and management skills in analysis and problem solving, team-building, cross-cultural communication and staff motivation, development and empowerment

  • Knowledge of more than one riparian 
language is an advantage.
  • Ability to implement performance management systems, giving candid performance feedback, rewarding desirable behaviours and providing support to professional development efforts linked to strategic objectives
  • Strong communication and presentation skills including ability to develop new ideas, proposals, concept papers, position papers as well as write reports and prepare relevant publications
  • Strong expertise in strategic financial planning, project planning and management, implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation
  • Proficient with accounting software, financial audit, budget preparation and monitoring, treasury management, computer applications such as word processing, data base, spreadsheets, accounting packages, email, internet and the workflow process
  • Strong fraud investigation and risk management skills

Job Complexity: The jobholder ensures sustainability and budgetary control of Nile-SEC

Creativity, Innovation & Problem Solving: The job holder interprets analyses, evaluates, infers and offers explanations to financial management. S/he is also required to communicate effectively and critical reflection and problem solving abilities are of uttermost importance.

Consequences of Error: The jobholder’s work requires accuracy and timeliness in financial reporting and overall administration. This is critical ensuring sustainability and profitability of NBI

Leadership & Human Capital Development: The jobholder is responsible for ensuring accountability and responsibility is well delegated in Finance and Administration. S/he is also responsible to ensure that accuracy, timeliness and confidentiality are maintained.

Service Delivery & Customer Focus: The jobholder deals with numerous internal and external clients of this intergovernmental organization and is charged with ensuring budgetary controls and provisions are maintained and ensuring compliance with external audits. S/he is also responsible for statement and financial reporting on the organization’s position.

Information Resources: The jobholder is the custodian of sensitive financial and administrative data.

Financial & Physical Resources: The jobholder ensures prudent use of financial resources, its accountability, and transparency and ensures adherence to the budgetary provisions. S/he is responsible for various company assets given to him to facilitate him/ her in performance of the duties as required by the office e.g. computer, printer, telephone. He/She shall be responsible for overall asset management of the Nile-SEC.

Dexterity: The jobholder uses a computer/laptop continuously; hence, requires having computer typing skills. S/e requires having high concentration and to be alert as his/her role requires high accuracy and attention to detail in financial and administrative management and analysis.

Mental/Sensory Demand: The jobholder makes important decisions in the organization. S/he expends mental and sensory efforts in report writing, financial analysis, project proposals and analysis, resource mobilization and supervision skills.

Physical Exertion: The jobholder will normally work in an office but frequently moves out and interacts physically with various stakeholders in meetings across the basin States. S/he sometimes sits long hours on the computer to write reports, or make presentations. These cause physical exertion

Working Environment & Occupational Hazards: The job holder works in an office set up. However, s/he requires a lot of effort to meet different stakeholder expectations for financial and administrative information.


Internal Contacts

  • Executive Director
  • DED/Head Basin Wide Program & WRM
  • GWP-EA
  • NBD

External Contacts

  • External auditors
  • Legal adviser
  • Professional Associations
  • Government agencies with respect to fraud management and Investigations
  • NBI Partners including Development Partners (Donors)
  • NBI Member States
  • Suppliers

Duty Station.

The Employee will be based at NBI Secretariat in Entebbe Uganda with possible travel within or out of the Basin Countries as  may be deemed necessary by the Employer.

Period of Service

This is a Regional position with a Contract duration of Six years,renewable annually based on satisfactory performance, availability of funds and need for the services.

How to apply:

Interested and suitably qualified individuals should submit thteir applications electronically to the Executive Director at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Application/cover letters clearly indicating the title of the position and accompanied by detailed curriculum vitae should reach the Executive Director not later than 18th September, 2020 at 2:00 pm. Those shortlisted will be contacted individually. Those who had applied should submit new applications if still interested.

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