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From August 9 – 13 2021, NBI will be hosting the 57th Nile Technical Advisory Committee (Nile-TAC) meeting, where NBI’s annual work plan, budget, and other technical submissions of institutional and program strategic significance will be discussed as a preparatory step to the 29th Annual Nile Council of Ministers (Nile-COM) meeting scheduled for November 2021. The sessions will also discuss preparations for the second Heads of State Summit as well as the approaches of streamlining the one NBI philosophy.57 Tac 2 600x295

At the start of every financial year, NBI’s governance bodies assess the implementation and progress reports of the foregoing year. These meetings also serve as an opportunity for the governance bodies to provide strategic guidance and direction to NBI management and also function as a follow-up mechanism on decisions arrived at during previous meetings.

NBI is currently implementing its 10-year strategy (2017-2027). This strategy has been broken down into two five-year segments namely; 2017 to 2022 and 2023 to 2027. The Nile-TAC will be equipped with information on key outputs through a technical briefing on August 11th, which will then be followed by reports from the various Nile-TAC sub-committees on August 12th, culminating in the substantive 57th Nile-TAC meeting on Friday, August 13th.57th TAC

The meetings will be exposed to the in-depth, expansive, and cumulative knowledge generated through NBI Basin-wide Program in the five work streams that are aligned to the priorities envisioned in the NBI 10-Year Strategy. These collectively allude to the sustainable management, development, and utilization of the common Nile Basin Water Resources.

The Nile-TAC’s roles and responsibilities include offering technical support and advice to the Nile-COM on management and development-related issues related to the Nile; acting as an interface between the Nile-COM and NBI’s development partners, as well as between the Nile-COM and the Secretariat. The Nile-TAC also plays an oversight role in NBI’s programmes and projects.
In deference to the individual Nile Basin countries’ approach to stemming the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the governance meetings will be held as a hybrid of in-person and virtual meetings.