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Dr. Salih Hamad Hamid Omer (Sudan) has assumed his tenure as ENTRO Executive Director as of January 8, 2021.

Dr. Salih holds Ph.D. (2006) in Water Resources Management (University of Gezira, Sudan); M.Sc. (1990) in hydrology (Irish National University; University College Galway); B.Sc. (1984) in Civil Engineering from Khartoum University.

Dr. Salih has extensive experience in Nile Basin water resources issues. In Sudan he has been assuming several leading positions in the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation, & Electricity chief among which were: Director of the Nile Water Directorate in; Chair of the Water Resources Technical Organ (WRTO); Chair of the Permanent Joint Technical Commission on the Nile Waters (PJTC); Chair of the Sudanese Committee on the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer Authority.

Dr. Salih is not new to the NBI – he has been one of the earliest players who took part in the building of the institution both in the Shared Vision and Subsidiary Action Programs since 2001. He has been practically taking part in all the ENSAP IDEN projects representing his country including in the JMP and BAS, and the various Cooperative Regional Assessments.

Dr. Salih has also been taking part in the development of the Flagship NB Decision Support System (DSS) participating as the National DSS Specialist (2007 - 2012) and as Head of the National DSS Unit in Sudan. Until his departure to head ENTRO, Dr. Salih has been Member of the Regional Task Force for the NBI E-Flow and Hydromet National Projects; DSS focal Person, ENSAPT Team Leader and NELSTAC Member of Sudan.

Outgoing ED, Fekahmed Negash (Ethiopia) handed over the position in a ceremony held at ENTRO BAS Hall with full attendance of ENTRO staff. ENTRO looks forward to benefit from Dr. Salih’s decades long and multifaceted experience in successfully navigating the challenge EN cooperation is facing now. ENTRO staff welcomes and wish Dr. Salih Hamad Hamid Omer productive time!