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 Peatlands, which are types of wetlands with presence of partially decayed vegetation or organic material are of great importance to people’s livelihoods and the environment. Given their importance,  NBI has carried out a study to highlight the importance of peatlands in the Nile Basin. Find out more.

And did you know that NBI is implementing a project aimed at establishing the first Regional Hydro-Met System for the Nile Basin? Read more .

Since January 2019, NBI has been running a social media campaign under the  #MyNileStory. Read some of the stories published in this issue. You too are invited to share your story.



 During the second quarter - April to June 2019, the NBI Secretariat undertook and accomplished a number of activities. Together with NBI’s two investment arms, we embarked on the implementation of the USD 5.1 million Regional Hydromet Project and concluded the preparation phase of the Ground water project. Also read from the new Executive Director, Prof. Seifeldin Hamad Abadalla and a lot more in this June issue