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Welcome to the June issue of our quarterly newsletter. 

While we continued to mostly operate from home during the period April to June 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Secretariat was none the less able to implement a number of activities, some of which have been highlighted in this issue. We are excited that we started implementation of the 5.3 million Groundwater project, funded by the Global Environment Facility. Find out what the project is all about.

Keep safe!




Welcome to our latest newsletter, the first this year 2020. We hope this issue as well as previous ones have helped to keep you updated on our latest news and provided you with vital information regarding our activities.

Did you miss out on the annual Regional Nile Day 2020 event hosted by the government of The Sudan in Khartoum? Find out about the colourful event held on February 22.

We have got something really big coming soon, the 6th Nile Basin Development Forum as well as Nile Media Awards 2020. Find out more about these two major events.

That said, the COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt had an effect on our planned activities but we have developed coping mechanisms such as working online so as to avoid a total shut down.

Keep safe until we are able to meet again!