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The objective of the info graphics is to (a) produce information materials that capture the successes and benefits of Nile Basin cooperation and makes this information more easily accessible to the people of the Nile Basin countries; and  (b) to create a common understanding on key data/facts about the Nile, Nile cooperation as well as establish/change narratives around key issues


pdf Hydrology of the Nile Popular

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Understanding the Nile: Where is the River coming from, where does it go

pdf NBI Achievements: 1999 – 2019 Popular

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Since it was established in 1999, the Nile Basin Initiative has registered commendable achievements in terms of maintaining the cooperation platform, generating knowledge and tools as well as building capacity to enable informed decision making on the management and development of the shared River Nile as well as preparing investment projects that contribute to water, food and energy security.


pdf NBI Strategy: 2017 – 2027 Popular

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The Strategy, prepared in consultation with the Member States identifies six strategic priorities of the Nile Basin States to which NBI can meaningfully contribute.

pdf NBI Timeline: 1990 – 2019 Popular

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The timeline focuses on significant NBI events, political events in the Nile Basin as well as natural disasters since 1990.

pdf Wetlands Inforgraphic Popular

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Wetlands inf