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The NBI is not an authority on International Administrative Boundaries. All country boundaries used in the publications are based on FAO Global Administrative Unit Layers (GAUL).

pdf Strategic Water Resources Report #

pdf Nile Cooperation Opportunities Challenges #

pdf Nile Cooperation Lessons for the World and Lessons from the World for the Nile Basin #

pdf Needs Assessment and Design of a Regional Nile Basin Hydromet Services and a National Water #

pdf Environmental Flow Assessment a review of global practices and experiences #

pdf Management of environmental flows in the Nile River Basin practices and experiences #

pdf CSI baseline assessment report #

pdf Aquatic ecosystems of the Nile Basin their wellbeing and response to flow alterations #

pdf NBI Project Information Disclosure Interim Procedure #

pdf Economic value of water for irrigation in the Nile Basin #

pdf Climate change projections data set for impact studies in Nile Basin #

pdf Coarse Environmental Flow Assessment NBI tech report Final #

pdf Developing guidance/procedure in financing transboundary investments through country programming: Report on consolidated findings and recommendations #

pdf Analysis of NBI experiences with investment project development #

pdf Guidelines for Financing Transboundary Investments through Country Programming #

pdf Analysis of international experiences with investment project development #

pdf Sudd Wetland Economic Valuation Report South Sudan 2020 #

pdf Sio Siteko Transboundary Wetlands Economic Valuation Report Uganda and Kenya 2020 #

pdf Rweru Bugesera Transboundary Wetlands Economic Valuation Report Rwanda Burundi 2020 #

pdf Semliki Transboundary Wetlands Economic Valuation Report Uganda and DRC 2020 #