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In order to expand user access to the Nile Basin Decision Support System (NB DSS), a state of the art tool developed by NBI in collaboration with Member States, the NBI Secretariat has rolled out a new license management scheme that enables access to large numbers of users. Unlike before, it is no longer necessary for a user to have a dongle (hardware key) and license file, making it possible for one to apply the tool from anywhere within the Basin. As a result, the number of registered users of the NB DSS has increased substantially from 300 to over 500 to-date.

Blue Nile WR model

This new development follows the establishment of 300 internet-based floating licenses for enabling full functionality of the NB DSS with Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) and Water Evaluation And Planning (WEAP) modelling tools. Accordingly, users of the tool can now register SWAT and WEAP model setups in the NB DSS, create scenarios, run simulations and analyse results.

The online floating licensing scheme is implemented through an online server that is managed by DHI. The NBI Secretariat on the other hand, administers access to the NB DSS through the scheme by enabling and revoking licenses where necessary.

The scheme requires an internet connection to register the NB DSS. User accounts are created on the server and
identified by the user's email address and password.

The internet-based floating licenses enable full access to all features of the NB DSS except registration of MIKE tools
based models.

This new scheme presents a number of benefits. Besides one not requiring a dongle, other benefits include global sharing of licenses, access from any location with an internet connection; ability to enable licenses online, as well as easy access to floating licenses for peak workloads.

The NB DSS is a set of analytical and scenario evaluation tools that is used by NBI Member States to ensure efficient management and optimal use of the basin's shared water resources. As NBI's flagship innovation in the field of water resources planning, the NB DSS is playing an instrumental role in monitoring and assessing the water and related natural resources of the Basin.

"The Nile Basin Decision Support System has proved to be a robust tool for water resources planning at both catchment and national level. The recently added feature of online license has removed the hurdle of limited dongles. I am excited to see how much more the Uganda NB DSS team can now achieve." Pamela Agaba Katalo, Senior Water Officer in the Ministry of Water and Environment - Uganda.