Award Categories

The awards have been expanded to include print, radio, television, digital and photography. This is to cater for a wider variety of media reportage. News reports and features published, broadcast or uploaded between July 2015 and June 2017 will be considered in the following categories

Print: Feature/article of a minimum of 800 (eight hundred) words published in a newspaper or magazine.

Radio: Feature of maximum 5 (five) minutes. Upload your file to soundcloud or YouTube, send the link and associated script.

Television: Talk show, feature or documentary of maximum 45 (forty five) minutes duration. Upload your file to YouTube, send the link and associated script.

Photography: One captioned photograph taken by the entrant depicting a scene in line with the description of the theme.

Digital News Publication: A minimum of a 1,000 (One thousand) word article illustrating the effective use of online platforms to communicate Nile Cooperation