The NBD is a network of over 600 civil society organizations established in 2003 to strengthen civil society’s key role in pro-active and critical influence of projects, programs and policies of NBI and other organizations. Located in Entebbe, Uganda, it operates across the 10 Nile Basin States through the 10 National Discourse Forums (NDFs), focused on national and trans-boundary issues of basin communities.
The NBD envisages a Nile basin with sustainable social-economic development for all peoples, free of conflict, leading to achievement of justice, human rights, good Governance, poverty reduction, and protection of environment. Capacity to influence the policy agenda through constructive dialogue has been established, in addition to providing a non-state actors pillar towards sustained and basin-wide cooperation. NBD’s extensive ground presence in riparian communities makes it uniquely placed to link regional and local perspectives using:(i) a bottom-up communications pipeline; (ii) a top-down pipeline, and (iii) a horizontal pipeline between communities and civil society organizations both national and trans-boundary.
NBD continues to strengthen the stakeholder engagement in climate change adaptation in trans-boundary water resources management, communication and outreach, and civil society and community capacity building. Communication and outreach element is directly related to media and hence NBD’s collaborative interest in the Nile Media Awards.

More information about Nile Basin Discourse can be obtained here