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KIGALI, Rwanda – Water experts from the Nile Basin and all over the world have converged in Kigali for a three-day Forum to discuss how to improve cooperation for the sustainable management of the Nile Basin water resources. The Forum on the theme: “Investing in Nile Cooperation for a Water Secure Future” has attracted more than 400 participants.

Rwanda’s Minister of Environment, Hon. Vincent Biruta while officiating at the opening ceremony, noted that “…water security is one of the key challenges of our time and we need to work together to manage this precious and shared resource”. He appreciated the key role played by the Nile Basin Initiative in providing a platform for cooperation and facilitating joint action on the management and development of shared water resources.
The Executive Director of the Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat Eng. Innocent Ntabana said that while the challenge of water security is rife in the Nile Basin and it is growing, there are a wide range of options available to Nile Basin States seeking to meet these growing demands by investing in cooperative solutions to managing water resources in an integrated and equitable manner.
Eng. Ntabana revealed that one of the six goals of the Nile Basin Initiative 10-year Strategy 2017 – 2027, is enhancing availability and sustainable management of the transboundary Nile water resources.

The 5th NBDF is attended by Ministers in charge of Water Affairs and other government officials in Nile Basin countries, Members of Parliament, Water experts, Environmentalists and Economists. Others are Academia, Researchers, River Basins Organizations, Development partners, Civil society, Private sector and Media.

The NBDF is a science-policy dialogue organised every 2-3 years by the Nile Basin Initiative. It provides a platform for deliberations on Nile Basin water resources issues among policy makers, academia, civil society and other Nile Basin stakeholders.

The overall objective of the NBDF is to build a common understanding among a broad spectrum of stakeholders on key agenda and way forward for the sustainable development and management of the Nile Basin.