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In this issue, read about the historic ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the regional Rusumo Falls hydro-electric plant. Also happening in the first quarter of the year was an event to celebrate the establishment of the Nile Basin Initiative, with Nile Basin citizens and friends of the Nile gathering in Dar es salaam, Tanzania on 22 February. Find out more about this colorful event? Also find out about the many interesting and informative upcoming events including the 5th Nile Basin Development Forum and how you too can get involved/participate.



sept 2016 issueRead about the Regional Nile Media training on Nile cooperation issues held in Kigali, Rwanda. You will also find the outcome of the 19th Nile Equatorial Lakes Council of Ministers that was held in Nairobi, Kenya. Find out about key upcoming regional events in 2017 that you might want to be part of. Cases in point are the Regional Nile Day event taking place on 22nd February, 2017 in Dar es Salaam -Tanzania and and the 5th Nile Basin Development Forum that will take place from 23-25 October, 2017 is Kigali-Rwanda.




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