English (UK)

Reports to: Regional Coordinator- NELSAP

Duty Station: Kigali, Rwanda

Deadline: February 26, 2018

The Procurement Specialist supports the management and implementation of procurement and contracting of a variety of goods, works and services for the NELSAP CU and regional Offices in line with various Financial Rules and Regulations and requirements of multilateral donors financing the NELSAP. The specialist also supports Quality Assurance functions related to procurement and contracting of services and participates in concert with other sectoral sub programs in the general planning, management and operations within the NELSAP Coordination Unit.

2. Accountability and Reporting
The procurement specialist will report and be accountable to the Regional Coordinator in a format and schedule as required. He/she will supervise the procurement/logistics assistant/Intern.

3. Scope
The functions and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
 Provide support and facilitate procurement planning, for NELSAP-CU, as well as coordinating and ensuring quality and timely procurements planning by NELSAP Power and Water Resources Programs.
 Provide support to the NELSAP Power and Water Resources Programs in implementation of their duties and assist them in operations and procurement related functions;
 Assist the Project Managers to review procurement requests for completeness and adequacy and clarity on request for proposals and bidding documents.
 Verify that projects proposed requirements do not exceed the budgets in the approved Project Fiche and that implementation arrangements are respected.
 Prepare inputs to standard project bidding documents, and prepare inputs for the recruitment of consultants (firms and individuals), procurement of other services (e.g., training and workshops), and the procurement of goods and small works.
 Participate and support evaluation teams in evaluating submissions and in preparation of evaluation reports.
 Review all procurement requests and present them to Procurement and Disposal Committee for review and award of contract.
 Prepare Purchase Orders, Contracts and Amendments in collaboration with technical staff ensuring the correctness of specifications of works.
 Implement procurement and contracting transactions to purchase goods and services ensuring that NELSAP attains best value for money. Follow up with vendors to ensure timely delivery of quality goods and services.
 Assist in development of procurement strategies, implementation of quality assurance programs or data analysis.
 Actively work with clients to exchange information on procurements needs and in collaboration with technical staff provide support on specifications, cost implications and logistics of safe delivery.
 Coordinate and ensure that all the reviews and clearances are obtained from the World Bank and other funding agencies as may be necessary for procurement processes and decisions as necessary
 Demonstrate behavior of professional and personal ethics and integrity transparency in dealing with clients and service providers.
 Provide high-quality, timely leadership and guidance on, among other things, contracts management (Procurement of goods & works) and management of long-term and short-term consultancy contracts.
 Mentor colleagues by sharing knowledge in procurement services
 Support capacity building in procurement management of procurement staff of NELSAP-CU and projects and other staff that deal with procurement issues with emphasis on guidelines set out in the NBI Procurement and Disposal Manual and World Bank Procurement Guidelines.
 Establish and update a database of suppliers, contractors and consultants and goods suppliers, entrepreneurs, consultants and update this database regularly;
 Ensure that procurement procedures and guidelines and bidding documents in the Project Implementation Manual are available.
 Develop and implement continuous improvements in project and institutional procurement systems and in cooperation with ENTRO NILE-SEC.
 Undertake any other task related to procurement which could be requested by the Project Management Units.

Specific Procurement Tasks
 Prepare and publish general and specific procurement notices.
 Establish and update project procurement plans
 Maintain a database on procurement activities.
 Solicit bids or quotations, analyze for compliance with specifications for cost, delivery, warranty, maintenance etc.
 Prepare Tender Procurement Notices and requests for proposals based on specifications and Terms of reference provided by the PMUs
 Participate in bid opening, evaluation and negotiations between the Projects and suppliers and facilitate the obtaining of IDA No-objection(s) if required.
 Participate in the evaluation process of the technical and financial proposals, coordinate and participate in the negotiation process when required;
 Prepare the draft contracts between the Project and the chosen consultants after obtaining the no-objection from IDA (if required);
 In liaison with PMUs, ensure a timely response of the Project to the Consultant’s reports as well as the final approval of the consultants’ work.
 Establish a procurement plan and prepare tender documents on the basis of the technical specifications prepared by the service beneficiaries financed by the Project, ensure that the tender documents are advertised;
 Ensure timely receipt of goods for various contracts financed by the project;

4. Qualifications and Experience
 Must be a holder of University degree in Procurement, Business Administration, Economics, Engineering, commerce with a Master’s Degree in either of the following areas: Procurement, business related disciplines, economics, supply chain, Project Planning and Management with extensive experience in procurement.
 At least 5 years’ experience in a business environment in procurement services either in public or private sector international organizations. At least 2 years of which should be in procurement for infrastructure projects,
 Have a background in strategic planning and economic development
 Have a strong ability to work in a team environment with a results-based orientation and to bring tasks to completion under tight deadlines;
 Have working knowledge of Sida, AfDB and World Bank Procurement procedures.
 Have working knowledge of Ms Office software, MS Project, windows etc.
 Should be a trainer, results oriented and self-motivated.
 Fluency in English. Working knowledge of French is an advantage.

5. Performance indicators:

 Procurement requests for completeness and adequacy and clarity on Tender Documents are properly reviewed;
 Purchase Orders, Contracts and Amendments in collaboration with technical staff ensuring the correctness of specifications of works are prepared in time;
 Transactions for the approval of Procurement Committee are correctly verified and all required terms, specifications and conditions are clearly stated;
 A database of suppliers, contractors and consultants and goods suppliers, entrepreneurs, consultants is established and updated regularly;
 Procurement procedures and guidelines and bidding documents in the Project Implementation Manual are available.
 General and specific procurement notices are prepared and published on time.
 Project procurement plans are accurately prepared, revised and submitted on time
 Bid opening, evaluation and negotiations between the Projects and suppliers and obtaining No-objection(s) if required are effectively done and facilitated;

6. Duty Station. The procurement specialist will be stationed at the NELSAP CU Secretariat, Kigali, Rwanda, but shall be travelling extensively in the Nile Equatorial Lakes Region.

7. Employment Terms. The consultant appointment will be on contract period from April 1, 2018 to 31st March, 2019, the contract be extended on renewable terms based on performance.
8. How to Apply
Interested candidates from Nile Equatorial Lakes Countries should submit an online application by attaching a Cover letter, Curriculum Vitae and all academic certificates and transcripts (clearly indicating the vacancy name) to the NELSAP Regional Coordinator on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by February 26, 2018. Only applicants who fully meet the NBI requirements and are being considered for interview will be contacted. Applications received after the closing date shall not be considered. The NBI is an equal opportunities employer and female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. For full terms of reference of the position, please visit: http://nelsap.nilebasin.org.